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~26.5 keys
Unusual Handyman's Handle Green Energy
70 votes up
10 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by [GIRL] A Delicious Cashew™.

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Mini for GE bumble

Histories with in-date sales: -> several sales

Sale #1:!/compare/1608076800/1608163200!/compare/1607644800/1608249600

Possibly sold for 23k (key histories however do not match owners)

Sale #2:!/compare/1610409600/1610582400!/compare/1597622400/1611187200


Then transferred to tradeit and brought off there

Sale #3:!/compare/1613606400/1613692800!/compare/1613606400/1613692800

Maybe 13k - keys again dont match so could be qs here if sold to bot -> few sales

Sale #1:!/compare/1613433600/1613520000!/compare/1613347200/1613520000


Sale #2:!/compare/1613347200/1613520000!/compare/1613433600/1613520000

Untrace - previous owners bp doesnt update after previous sale -> few sales

Sale #1:!/compare/1611187200/1611619200!/compare/1611100800/1611187200

Untrace or qs

Sale #2:!/compare/1611187200/1611273600!/compare/1611100800/1611273600

16k matches from 2nd owner (below buyers exclude) -> few sales

Sale #1:!/compare/1613260800/1614384000!/compare/1613260800/1613433600

Untrace as to what it sold for?

Sale #2:!/compare/1613606400/1615680000!/compare/1610668800/1614729600

Untrace -> 1 sale (proof provided by new owner) -> FOR THE BEANIE and USING there

Sale #1:!/compare/1615593600/1615680000!/compare/1615593600/1615680000

Bumble sale

here's the sale

GE Handle:

Aussie Amb:

4x Quarantine crate:

Festive SMG:

S. Killstreak Strange Brass Beast:

14k pure -> *12K* not 14k

Rough total sale: 12 + (1.2k x 4) + 10.95 + 46.11 = 22.95 + 4.8 = 27.75k

27.75 + 46.11 ref (~0.9k) = 28.65k -> 28.65 + 1.5 (SMG) = 30.15k (without handle

Marketplace sales:;5;u9

Jan 17th @ 39.99 / 2.1 = 19.04k (~19k) below buyers excluding

GE Handle Sales:!/compare/1608076800/1608163200 - 23;5;u9 - $39.99 (19, low)

current seller at 21 means 21 - 23 would work for the handle's price

(kudos to Shuffle Spy for finding these)

Taking 21-23k

    damn I was about to do this lol