Price Suggestion
Blizzardy Storm Citizen Cane
Submitted by Manomap
Unusual Citizen Cane Blizzardy Storm
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Round two here we go

Sale 1: 22 keys pure!/compare/1613779200/1614038400!/compare/1613779200/1614038400

Hard to tell the amount of keys it sold for from seller so heres a link to an image of my trade:

Sale 2: 24 keys pure!/compare/1508803200/1600646400!/compare/1603411200/1603497600

I know that the second sale is outdated by a couple months but it is a good baseline to check that the recent sale is accurate. In suggestion from ThatPillsGuy and aj, 22 keys is a good suggestion given there are few sales for the hat, and the second sale can be mostly overlooked.