Price Suggestion
~160 keys
Unusual Das Gutenkutteharen Something Burning This Way Comes
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Frostbite Texas Ten Gallon (160) + Strange Professional Killstreak Gunslinger (68) + 25 keys pure = 253 keys. Rounding up to 260 keys to keep up with the values of all of these items seemingly rising steadily.

    Not entirely sure about pricing strange pro ks weps but there are buy orders for the gunslinger at 78, either way it would round to 260 regardless so should be fine

      Well, the accepted price suggestion is there to speak for me.

    No-one pointed this out in the first suggestion you made but: - your pure buyout was 240 keys

    Therefore this sale should be capped at 240 keys, 253 keys wouold also round down to 250 keys in the maths that you have provided. Similar to Seeves comment, buyers on the pro ks str gunslinger are at ~78 keys so I would probably value it at a higher amount than 68 keys since the kit does change it's value by a sizable amount.

    Either way, this should be 240 keys flat

      That site looks like an incredibly useful resource worth looking into. I would like to clarify that I had the unusual unlisted for a few months before listing it last week, and I didn't initially realize its value and demand went up so much. My goal with the 240 key price tag was primarily to not 'highball' the hat.

        You'll need to resuggest at 240 though since you had a buyout at that, which means you would have taken 240 keys pure if someone offered it

      As mentioned above, this has to be resuggested at 240.