Price Suggestion
Cloud 9 Large Luchadore
Submitted by Payback
~74 keys
cloud 9
Unusual Large Luchadore Cloud 9
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Only clean!/compare/1603843200/1603929600!/compare/1607817600/1607817600

prob some alt or smth!/compare/1603065600/1603152000

added for a mglory bubble pipe, which has been unsold at 75 keys for two months, below buyers!/compare/1606780800/1606867200!/compare/1606780800/1606867200

80 keys!/compare/1607299200/1607385600!/compare/1607299200/1607385600

bulk qs!/compare/1609545600/1609632000!/compare/1609545600/1609891200

if this was the 72k group, it's below buyers!/compare/1610236800/1610323200!/compare/1610236800/1610323200

assuming cash!/compare/1608508800/1608595200!/compare/1608508800/1608595200

bulk for two luchas!/compare/1610323200/1610496000

bulk for GE HKC

I'm gonna pull a pro gamer move here and take 80 despite it being under buyers

the only reason they're above 80 rn is because some guy overcut bots by 3 keys multiple times in a row and they matched, which happened two days ago

it's still raising so it should be fine