Price Suggestion
~90 keys
Decorated Weapon Medi Gun Energy Orb Masked Mender
44 votes up
14 votes down

This suggestion was accepted by Blaze.xTH3RM4Lx.

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    Sale 6, taunt matches: - id not use the 100 sale if this resold for the taunt here, we won't know unless you ask for confirmation from either party.

    Another sale:!/compare/1610409600/1610496000!/compare/1610323200/1610409600

    86 pure.

      1. The medigun most likely didn't "resell" for the taunt, it's pretty clearly an exchanging of holiday gifts, as evidenced by the gift wrap tag, description, and time of the year.

      2. Your "another sale" refers to my sale 1. Those 86 keys in the compare links don't match. Abstract said on discord that he sold the medigun for $170 on

        Oh you mean perhaps its a gift for gift? The other guy clearly wasn't as willing on value of the gift XD But at the same time, we still can't be a 100% sure and as for the date, 7th of december seems odd, why not 24th

          I don't know if I should be commenting here, but I am the owner of the energy orb medi gun. I received it as a holiday gift, and my friend previously bought it for 100 keys pure with the professional kit applied. The medi gun was not resold for the taunt. The unusual taunt is completely something else, my friend gave me a taunt with an unusualifier so I could then use it and give it back. I wasn't actually trading an unusual taunt for the medi gun. Hope this helps a bit, thanks.

      The 86 keys are keys I bought off after selling my medigun for 170$