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~220 keys
Unusual Hunter in Darkness Green Energy
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This suggestion was accepted by K1ng.

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Mods should keep tabs on suggs they close after telling the op to resuggest, cause these simple ass resuggests just ain't happening 85% of the time, whenever i find one its cause i suggest a TON of **** at a time xd

Info from:

Credits to Synnacle:

Bought it myself for about ~258 keys worth of stuff.

Bought in exchange for a Strange Burning Flames Field Practice (125 keys) + Strange Stormy Storm Brain Interference (54 keys) + Strange Miami Nights Law (47.5, ~48 keys) + Haunted Chicken Kiev (21.45, ~21.5 keys) + Flammable Bubbles of Attraction Balloonibouncer (9 keys) + Strange Exorcizer (36.33 ref, 0.78 keys) = 125 + 54 + 48 + 21.5 + 9 + 0.78 = 258.28, ~258 keys.

1 of 2 in existence. The other belongs to 2-year inactive account, and neither of these has been sold in at least a year. So by technicality, unless that user returns to TF2, this is essentially 1 of 1.


Additional by the King:

Law and Balloonibouncer are outdated, but more importantly, the B/O was 220 so it will cap:

Refresh it is!