Price Suggestion
~69.5 keys
Unusual Private Eye Roboactive
59 votes up
4 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by K1ng.

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Mini for Scorching Flames Das Gutenkutteharen

Item 1

Sale 1

Sold on MP perhaps

Sale 2!/compare/1605916800/1606089600!/compare/1606003200/1606089600

Bulky for SF Das Gutenkutteharen

Sale 3!/compare/1606608000/1606694400!/compare/1606608000/1606694400

As much as I would love to say this sold for 74 keys and the Spectral Escort Taunt: Panzer Pants

Uhh, histories do not match

Sale 4!/compare/1606694400/1606780800!/compare/1606694400/1606780800

Sold for SF Panama - taking 61 keys

Sale 5!/compare/1606694400/1606780800!/compare/1606694400/1606780800

Sold for 68 keys

Sale 6!/compare/1607299200/1607385600!/compare/1607212800/1607299200

Sold for 71 keys

Item 2

Sale 7

Also perhaps sold on MP

Sale 8!/compare/1602460800/1602806400!/compare/1602720000/1602806400


Sale 9!/compare/1606003200/1606089600!/compare/1606003200/1606089600


Marketplace sales;5;u72;strange

Oct 1st - $170 / $1.85 = 91.89 keys

No buyout


61, 68, 71, 92

Current Listings

2 sellers at 75 keys

Buyers at 59 keys

Taking 68 - 71 keys, I feel 61 is quite low considering it instantly resold for 68 within a day

92 is obviously high given the current listings at 75