Price Suggestion
~35.5 keys
Unusual Rimmed Raincatcher Flaming Lantern
243 votes up
38 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Shuffle Spy.

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Two recent sales on the duped one. The other hasn't moved and has a one person history.

Sale 1:!/compare/1606780800/1607817600!/compare/1606867200/1608076800

28 keys + Breadcrab + Non-Craftable Prinny Machete

Breadcrab: - valuing at 2.65–3.45 keys (3.05 keys):

Prinny: - valuing at 14.33-17.66 ref (16 ref/0.26 keys):

Total: 28+3.05+0.26=31.31 keys, rounded to 31 keys.

Sale 2: - discussion to show that it's 40 keys. - discussions to show that the other 35 keys went to a different hat!/compare/1607990400/1608076800!/compare/1607558400/1608076800 (untraceable keys)


Using both sales gives us a range of 31-40 keys.