Price Suggestion
Dragon Slayer War Paint (Well-Worn)
Submitted by Strange
~7.38 keys
Decorated Weapon War Paint Dragon Slayer
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There were no listings for this item at the time of the suggestion's creation.
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Comments unsold on at $34.50 (young)


October 2: $12.93 (lower than buyers);15;w4;pk390

December 1: $25/1.76=14.2 keys


SCM: LS is $30.78/2.05=15.01 keys LS is $34.50 N/A

14.2 should be good

    Ngl, I don't really think it should be raised that much untill there are 2 or more sales at that price that are proven to be legit and not price manipulation.

      i'll wait till a mod replies but thx for your opinion