Price Suggestion
~58.5 keys
Unusual Bumble Beenie Sunbeams
22 votes up
2 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Foamy the Fearsome.

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RESUGGESTION run, lets do this.


1 seller on marketplace:!/compare/1592265600/1592352000!/compare/1592956800/1593388800

Untraceable as to what it sold for...

Marketplace sale: -->;5;u17

1 sale on July 30th @ 120

120 / 1.92 = 62.5k (~63k)!/compare/1593388800/1593993600!/compare/1593820800/1593993600

scm? left seller's bp as untradable!/compare/1594425600/1594512000!/compare/1594684800/1594944000


untrace, maybe the mp sale?!/compare/1592265600/1592352000!/compare/1592179200/1592352000

sold to qb'er!/compare/1595808000/1596153600!/compare/1585958400/1596153600


NEW EVIDENCE:!/compare/1594425600/1596153600 (This is me)

I traded with for it (backpack API was not working, so inventory history is not accurate.)

Traded with Pro KS Aussie Sniper Rifle (Mean Green, Tornado) + Pro Rocket Launcher Kit (Agonizing Emerald, Flames)

-Thanks Supercar -

Using b.o of these items: 38.5 + 23.5 = ~62 keys

Latest evidence:

New sales:


45 keys (probably an outlier)!/compare/1597622400/1598572800

GE pithy ~43.5 + ~26.5 in stuff (~70 total, caps at the BO of 65: )!/compare/1598572800/1598659200

This could be your high end.

Thanks Foamy!

New price range of 62-65k due to b.o cap!