Price Suggestion
~21 keys
Unusual Executioner Green Confetti
40 votes up
2 votes down
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The only two sales:;5;u6

$49.00 = 25 keys

$53.99 = 28 keys

// Everything else:!/compare/1586995200/1587081600!/compare/1586304000/1586995200







Bulk kinda

// nothing nothing nothing


Stuff proving that this item went unsold for a long time before finally selling on Marketplace

1 on marketplace at $65.50, this screenshot was taken 7/14/2020

keys are $1.93 at this moment

looks like it was in marketplace for... 8 days

and it was at least listed on 7/12/2020 for the same price

(im refreshing the page so you can see the date at the top)

2 on dotaexo for $84.44 each

for 2 months each it seems

i cant find keys on that site for some reason

but $84.44 is surely under 53 keys

1 on for seemingly 3 weeks at $160.72


strange, 2 months at 40 keys has owned this item... since sept 2018? well look at that



Heavy drop using two recent Marketplace sales.

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