Price Suggestion
~49.5 keys
Unusual Desert Marauder Green Energy
51 votes up
3 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Xergoyf B>QS.

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Thanks Beaser and Xergoyf :)

Green Energy Desert Marauder!/compare/1588896000/1589068800!/compare/1588809600/1588896000

Sold for 44 keys. Excluding bot order sales.!/compare/1589500800/1589587200!/compare/1589414400/1589587200

Sold for Searing Plasma Yellow Belt (85) after adding 13 keys

85 - 13 = 72 keys

Buy out price was 50 keys. Taking 50!/compare/1589587200/1589673600!/compare/1589500800/1589587200

Traded within a day. Excluding this sale.!/compare/1591833600/1591920000!/compare/1592697600/1592784000



Marketplace sale:;5;u9

S0ld on 6/9/2020 for $110 / $1.99 = 55.28 keys ~ 55

Sale at 55 and 50.

Current seller at 49.5.


Classies: - buyers at 36 - has owned since May 20, prob at same price entire time

Given that this has remained unsold for so long at ~50, 55 seems slightly high here. Given that buyers have dropped substantially, I think I would include 44 here. It might be a bit low, but the ends should balance out; 44 slightly low and 55 slightly high.

Pricing this at 44 - 55 keys.