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~19.5 keys
Unusual Ye Olde Baker Boy Disco Beat Down
41 votes up
1 vote down
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This suggestion was accepted by Xergoyf B>QS.

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Disco Beat Down Ye Olde Baker Boy

Mini for Clarivoyance Cranial Carcharodon

Resuggesting from

Thanks Xerg

Mptf sales;5;u62

May 19: 41.99/1.89 = 22.22 keys rounding to 22 keys. - B/o of 21 keys caps sale.

Jun 25: 40/1.99 = 20.1 keys rounding to 20 keys.

No b/o found.

Jun 26: 40/2.03 = 19.7 keys rounding to 20 keys. - B/o of 20 keys.

No histories found. sales

1x sold at 16 keys 45 ref (~17 keys)

1x sold at 18 keys

1x sold at 18 keys 24 ref (~18 keys)

1x sold at 22 keys

1x bought at 17 keys 6 ref (~17 keys)

1x bought at 18 keys 17.66 ref (~18 keys)

1x bought at 18 keys 43.5 ref (~19 keys)

Sale 1!/compare/1589932800/1592006400!/compare/1590710400/1590796800

Untrace, was sold to Killua

Sale 2!/compare/1592179200/1592352000!/compare/1592611200/1594080000

This sale corresponds with the 16 keys 45 ref sale

Sale 3!/compare/1589932800/1590105600!/compare/1589932800/1590019200

Sold to

Sale 4!/compare/1591833600/1591920000!/compare/1591833600/1591920000


Sale 5!/compare/1594512000/1594598400!/compare/1594080000/1595548800

Untrace, - Rubi had a b/o of 18 keys 23 ref

Sale 6

stn selling for 16 keys 48 ref

Sale 7!/compare/1589414400/1589500800!/compare/1589155200/1589500800

GFetti Dread Hiding Hood + 3 keys in adds

Unpriced, better used there

Sale 8!/compare/1589155200/1589500800!/compare/1589414400/1589500800

Sold with 4 keys for Clarivoyance Carcharodon

Use there

Sale 9!/compare/1589500800/1589587200!/compare/1589414400/1589500800


Sale 10!/compare/1589414400/1589673600!/compare/1589414400/1589587200

The group of 17 keys 16 ref seems the most likely

Sale 11!/compare/1589673600/1589846400!/compare/1589673600/1589846400

Sold with 16 keys for AH Topper + AH Bomber's Bucket Hat

Bulky, wouldn't use this

Sale 12!/compare/1589932800/1590278400!/compare/1589760000/1590364800

Flies Front Runner

Maybe use there, it's more outdated than this?

Sale 13!/compare/1591228800/1591488000!/compare/1591401600/1591488000

Stormy Sinner's Shade

Indate at 26.5 - B/o of 20 keys caps sale

Sale 14!/compare/1591488000/1591660800!/compare/1591401600/1591488000

Neutron Coldsnap? Makes me think something else was involved otherwise this is high

Sale 15!/compare/1591488000/1591574400!/compare/1591401600/1591488000


Sale 16!/compare/1591401600/1591574400!/compare/1591315200/1591574400


Sale 17!/compare/1591488000/1591747200!/compare/1591488000/1591574400

qs to zol for some keys and refs

Sale 18!/compare/1591833600/1592006400!/compare/1591833600/1591920000

Untrace, private bp bought it and resold to bot maybe

Sales are at:



3x at 18 ( untracable)

19 ( untracable)





22 ( untracable)

Classies -

Buyers up to 18.37 keys, excluding 18 and lower.

Young at 21, 10 months at 23 and 11 days at 25, excluding 22.

While 19 is a untracable, it should be fine to exclude I guess, but if it pops up again I can resuggest

Extra info from Xerg:

I would include 18 here, - 4 sellers @ ~18.5 in June,, and Hmm took over a month to sell for 18 keys 24 ref

The buyers have come up, however using only sales and calling all pure sales low here feels weird. I think 18 -21 would be better, includes much more sales balances outliers on each end

Taking the range as 18 - 21 keys!