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~220 keys
Unusual Full Metal Drill Hat Something Burning This Way Comes
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1 of 1 Forever. Resuggestion from here: this time with the correct key price.

Bought for $210.00 on on July 7th 2020.

Screenshots: Item page:

Key Prices on on July 7th we're $1.76.

210.00/1.76 = 119.31 ~ 119 Keys (Thank you Payback for the help on pricing.)

Pricing at 119 Keys.

    This suggestion has brought up some discussion around the key value used, since the value of keys dipped significantly below what it regularly sold for on that particular day, as seen in the graph. This gives a disproportionately low conversion rate which inherently results in unwanted inflation.

    To avoid this, we have implemented a guideline for cases with exceptionally high or low key values on specific days, which can be found here:

    Following this guideline, in scenarios like this one, you can use an average key price instead. This particular case is the example shown in the post.

    Taking the average of the key values that week, you get a conversion rate of $1.94 (calculations can be found on the linked post as well), which is what you can use for this suggestion.

    This leads to a value f 210/1.94 = ~108 keys, so you can resuggest this at 108 flat.