Price Suggestion
Purple Confetti Old Guadalajara
Submitted by Scourge
~11 keys
Unusual Old Guadalajara Purple Confetti
360 votes up
61 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Blaze.xTH3RM4Lx.

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Resuggestion, Thanks to Xerogyf & Erik for the info!

Challenge 19, Team F.L.A.M.B.E.S!

82nd suggestion, made by Beaser!;5;u7

$28.9 / $1.82 = 15.88 keys

$30 / $1.87 = 16.04 keys

Sale #1 -

FoD Rancho (14) + 2 keys = 16!/compare/1590192000/1590451200!/compare/1590451200/1590537600

Rancho Mini:

Suggestion for 14 keys

Sale #2 -


Sale 3:!/compare/1587427200/1587513600!/compare/1587427200/1587686400

Sold for 13 keys

Sale 4:!/compare/1589760000/1589932800!/compare/1589500800/1590192000

Sold for 9 keys

Total sales @:

9, 13, 16, 16, 16 keys

considering unsold for 8 motnhs at 15,

and that 13 resold for lower,

the 16 sales can be considered outliers.

buyers up to 10 keys,

Erik’s Part:

Sale 3 only appears to have been 11 keys.!/compare/1587427200/1587686400 - 11 keys on buyer side.!/compare/1587427200/1587513600 - 11 histories match on seller side

Taking 11 flat.

    I think this is a case where you might want to include 16, as it feels like you are excluding too many sales/a common trading point.

    In addition, its possible that Saltz just got unlucky with other people undercutting him by a dollar or less and selling for essentially the same price, as well as the fact that being a cross-listing might discourage item offers that he could of sold it for.

    My only concern is how long rubi had it before selling for 11, looks like he had it for ~5 months I doubt it was at 11 the whole time but without its impossible to tell.

    Maybe this just needs more sales but I think 11 flat might be low considering 3 sales at 16 and buyers up to 10

      I actually had the same concern, that the situation of this hat was excluding too many sales / being too low.

      My assumption was that Erik either didn't have an issue with this or was going to leave this up for more sales.

      seller at 15 keys is almost 10 months old now.

      in addition, there is another seller at 15~ on scm atm as well:

      i'm not a fan of including 16 in the range here given this. on top of this, this was recently dumped on to for likely their buy price of 8 keys + 19 ref which supports the drop and to exclude 16 here: