Price Suggestion
~100 keys
Unusual Attendant Something Burning This Way Comes
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Something Burning This Way Comes Attendant


May 21 - sold for 144k

Sale 1:!/compare/1586304000/1586390400

Sold for 81k

No other valid sales found

Taking 81k flat

may 21 is still a valid sale

Is something wrong with my eyes or how is a sale from MAY 21(5/21) has a buyout from JUNE 21(6/21)? You might have to try and take a look on item history and who is the person that sold this hat on MAY 21.

There definitely was a sell order on May 21 and it was for 120 keys. Here's what has:

May 18:

May 23:

Do what you will with that. Imo that means range should be 81-120 keys.