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~870 keys
Unusual Soldered Sensei Darkblaze
42 votes up
2 votes down
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This took a while

Sale 1!/compare/1590537600/1590883200!/compare/1590710400/1590796800

Sold for D@D antlers


Sale 2!/compare/1590796800/1590969600!/compare/1590883200/1590969600

Sold for Strange DB Rotation and Gangreen Footprints Max Head - buyout of 900 on the DB rotation at the time, who knows what got offered on what

Mini for Gangreen Footprints Max!/compare/1591574400/1591660800!/compare/1591574400/1591660800

Sold for 39 keys 23 ref

600 + 39 = 639

Rounding to 640

Sale 3!/compare/1592524800/1592611200!/compare/1592352000/1592611200

Sold for MG VVF, Duped Cheart Bonk Boy and 50 keys

700 + 120 + 50 = 870

Mini for MG VVF -

Mini for Duped Cheart Bonk Boy

Item history

Sale 1!/compare/1587600000/1587945600


Sale 2!/compare/1586390400/1586476800!/compare/1586304000/1586390400

Thought it sold for the Cheart Crones, c9 trilby and the solly taunt but upon checking history of the crones, it leads nowhere

Sale 3!/compare/1586649600/1586736000!/compare/1586649600/1591401600


Sale 4!/compare/1590278400/1590364800!/compare/1590192000/1590278400

Sold to bot - bot buyer at 101 keys or so

Sale 5!/compare/1590451200/1590537600

Sold for 120 keys - supports that

Taking 120


640, 870, 1300

Calling 640 low and 1300 high due to "this is a weird situation because of the dad at dusk antlers" - Offline

Person that paid 1300 sold for 640, so excluding both, thanks Foamy

Taking 870 flat