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~13.5 keys
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This suggestion was accepted by Shuffle Spy.

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Thanks to Shuffle for the help!

Sale 1:!/compare/1584835200/1584921600!/compare/1584835200/1584921600

Sold for ~10 keys (QS)

sale 2:!/compare/1585180800/1585267200!/compare/1585180800/1585267200

Sold for ~10 keys

sale 3:!/compare/1585180800/1585267200!/compare/1584662400/1585267200

Sold for 10 keys

sale 4:!/compare/1584662400/1585267200!/compare/1585180800/1585267200

Sold with 9 keys for Mallard Norman(21)

Total is 12 keys

sale 5:!/compare/1585267200/1585353600!/compare/1585267200/1585353600

Sold with DP Merryweather(9) for ~21 keys

Total is 12 keys

sale 6:!/compare/1585353600/1585526400!/compare/1585267200/1585353600

Sold with DP Merryweather for KaW Danger

use on Danger

sale 7:!/compare/1588896000/1588982400!/compare/1588896000/1588982400

Sold for ~15 keys in sweets

Total sales @:

10, 10, 10, 12, 12, 15 keys

newly listed seller for ~14 keys,

given sales at 10,

taking 12 - 15 keys

more of Shuffle's info can be found here: