Price Suggestion
~16 keys
Unusual L'homme Burglerre Vivid Plasma
67 votes up
4 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by [GIRL] A Delicious Cashew™.

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Vivid Plasma L'Homme recent sales at 13 keys + 16 ref and 13 keys + 30 ref, however the 2nd sale happened 2 hours after the first and both are around current quickbuyers;5;u16 also a sale at $44.99 there on April 19, that's way too high compared to current sellers!/compare/1586476800/1586563200!/compare/1584576000/1587945600 bulk!/compare/1586217600/1586304000!/compare/1586217600/1586304000 17 keys + 8 ref for this + skills gotten gains luxury lounge, will be below buyers

Conservative drop to 16 based on the sellers

They've been lowering for a few months. Spent a few weeks unsold at ~17 and recently went to ~16