Price Suggestion
Kill-a-Watt Danger
Submitted by Scourge
~23 keys
Unusual Danger Kill-a-Watt
95 votes up
5 votes down
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Sale 1:!/compare/1587427200/1587513600!/compare/1586908800/1587513600

Bulk / untrace

sale 2:!/compare/1588032000/1588118400!/compare/1588032000/1588118400!/compare/1588118400/1588204800!/compare/1588204800/1588204800!/compare/1587945600/1588204800!/compare/1588377600/1588464000!/compare/1588464000/1588550400!/compare/1588291200/1588550400!/compare/1588464000/1588550400

Untrace / bulk / gambling

sale 3:!/compare/1585267200/1585353600!/compare/1585267200/1585353600!/compare/1585267200/1585353600


sale 4:!/compare/1584230400/1584316800!/compare/1584230400/1584316800

Sold with DP Tyroelan for P Fetti BoA

tyro Mini:

Suggestion for 11.5 keys

BoA Mini:

Suggestion for 37 keys

Total is 25.5 keys

B/O of 32 keys

Seller for 22 keys newly listed,

previously unsold at 27 keys for some time:

taking 26 flat for now, watching seller.

    The first sale in Sale 3 was for the TF Logo Bucket + DP Merryweather (9 Keys)!/compare/1585353600/1585526400 - Duckhertz sold the Racer to Big Boss for those 2

    The second sale was something with the GE Eyewear, but I can't tell what.!/compare/1585267200/1585353600 - Chese's keys went to send trade offer for the Eyewear

    The Seller still hasn't sold at 22. I would use sale 4 for the Brotherhood and the Bucket/Merryweather sale here.

      I've looked into the Bucket:

      the problem is most of the sales are under current buyers. the only two usable sales not under buyers are at 12 and 15 keys.

      suppose we take 12 - 15, average of 13.5 keys,

      that puts the sale at 22.5 keys (no buyout)

      given that the seller at 22 relisted for 25 keys,

      what is your recommendation?

        Sale 5 is 20 Keys + 1 Key of Items, not 18, so that would also be 12 Keys for the Bucket.

        I would take 12 - 15 for the Bucket as a Mini and go 23 flat here.