Price Suggestion
~11 keys
Unusual Ye Olde Baker Boy Bubbling
94 votes up
2 votes down
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Sale 1:!/compare/1581292800/1581379200!/compare/1584144000/1584230400


sale 2:!/compare/1585785600/1586304000!/compare/1585699200/1585785600


sale 3:!/compare/1585699200/1585785600!/compare/1582416000/1585785600!/compare/1585526400/1586131200


Sale 4:!/compare/1580515200/1580947200!/compare/1580860800/1580947200

Sold for P Fetti Sinner

use there

B/O of 12 keys

Sale 5:!/compare/1581292800/1581379200!/compare/1581206400/1581379200

Sold for DP Bone dome + ~2 keys in sweets

Bone Mini:

Suggestion for 7.75 keys

Total is 9.75 keys

B/O of 9 keys, capping

Sale 6:!/compare/1581379200/1581465600!/compare/1581379200/1581465600

Sold with ~1 key in sweets for DBD Sober

Sober Mini:

Suggestion for 10.5 keys

Total is 9.5 keys

Sale 7:!/compare/1581465600/1581552000!/compare/1565136000/1581552000

Sold for TW Handle + ~0.49 keys in sweets

use there, only usable sale

sale 8:;5;u34

$19.99 / $1.71 = 11.69 keys

Total sales @:

9, 9.5, 12 keys

taking 9 - 12 keys.

    Recent marketplace sale at ~13 ----- B/O was also 13

    Worth including it in range.