Price Suggestion
~167 keys
Unusual Magnificent Mongolian Knifestorm
59 votes up
5 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by A Delicious Cashew™.

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Resuggesting as recommended by a mod - can´t use a dupe sale as a low-end

Sale 1: Clean one sold within an hour without being listed for 90 keys pure!/compare/1585612800/1585699200!/compare/1585094400/1585699200

Buyer seems to have sold both hats via in order to obtain the keys, as most of the keys‘ histories match with the buyer.

Sale 2: Bought a duped one for 75 keys pure!/compare/1586822400/1586908800!/compare/1586822400/1586908800

Earl bought both Mongolians for quite cheap and below buy orders as he told me in a private conversation.

Duped one for like 46 keys, can’t find any proof in the comparisons though. Can’t find proof for the clean sale either.

Proof via chat:!/compare/1586649600/1586736000

Excluding both quickbuys from Earl. Excluding my sale aswell as it´s a dupe, which leaves the clean sale at 90, so going with 90 flat.

    Payed 46 for duped but 15 day trade hold of the user who listed it. I sold clean for 90 pure not two unusuals.