Price Suggestion
~17.5 keys
Unusual Murderer's Motif White Lightning
12 votes up
35 votes down
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This suggestion was marked as insufficient evidence and closed by Erik.

The evidence provided does not meet the standard for making suggestions on this site. Please refer to the guides for unusual or non-unusual suggestions for more information.

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Sold for 17 keys as of 14/02/2020 , proof of the trade : trade

    There are more sales, also you can not have range with one sale.

      previous suggestion is indate so range likely came from there but yeah probs needs more sales

        Well maybe, but should at least mention where he's getting the 20 from anyways. ^^

          the sale used to prove 20 in the previously accepted suggestion is from october...

      Nvm the 20 keys , this is my first suggestion, the item was sold for 17 keys today, thats it

        should close this if you have nothing at 20