Price Suggestion
Frozen Icefall Sinner's Shade
Submitted by Norah
~61 keys
frozen icefall
Unusual Sinner's Shade Frozen Icefall
78 votes up
3 votes down

This suggestion was accepted by Blaze.xTH3RM4Lx.

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Hmm. Another.

Sale #1 - 65 keys pure.!/compare/1579392000/1579564800!/compare/1579478400/1579564800

Sale #2 - Sold with a Scorching Luchadore, an O. Fire Commando Elite and 8 keys pure for a Bonzo Toy Tailor. Makes up less than 50% of the trade, ignoring.!/compare/1579392000/1579564800!/compare/1579478400/1579564800

Sale #3 - 57 keys.

Compares are wonky, but it seems to me that Foxypootis sold the Arcana Outdoorsman to Goliath, and then immediately bought the Sinner's Shade from Oli with some of said keys, from looking at the history of the keys.!/compare/1578182400/1578268800!/compare/1578182400/1578355200 - Example of key history

Sale #4 - Bulk Backpack purchase.!/compare/1578009600/1578182400!/compare/1577318400/1578441600

Taking 57-65! Have a good one!