Price Suggestion
~102.5 keys
Unusual Old Guadalajara It's A Secret To Everybody
56 votes up
3 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Foamy the Fearsome.

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115 key buyout

Purple Energy Tough Guy's Toque, Fountain of Delight Kazotsky Kick, Pro KS Aus Minigun (33 keys), Strange Festive Sandvich (5 keys), Chromatic Corruption Yellow Belt

Yellow Belt has no minis despite this long history

PE Toque is ~32 keys

FoD Kazotsky is ~24 keys

Without the Chromatic Belt, this adds up to 94 keys. Eh, the Belt isn't a huge factor in the trade anyway.




Added 5 keys for Pro KS Aus Medi (58 keys), Pro KS Aus Rifle (38 keys), Pro KS Aus Knife (28 keys)

Caps at 110 key buyout


Bulk for Heart Lightning Lid


Added 5 keys + Spelled Strange Gibus for Brain Drain Prehistoric Pullover, should be used there


Current seller at 100 keys

Rounding to 95-110 keys