Price Suggestion
~247.5 keys
Unusual Team Captain Death at Dusk
49 votes up
4 votes down
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Minis were in-date at the time, so I am not changing them - including the sale provided by Shuffle Spy


Sale 1!/compare/1567123200/1567382400!/compare/1567296000/1567382400

Sold for 120 keys, Spec KS Aus Minigun (18 keys), Burning Warhood Buyout was 240 keys

Burning Warhood mini:


54 keys;5;u13

Nov 5 - $110 = 62 keys

Nov 15 - $110 = 61 keys

maybe one of the histories is this one? dates don't really match up though

one of them would be this one!/compare/1572393600/1572480000!/compare/1572048000/1572480000

60 keys!/compare/1569542400/1569628800!/compare/1569542400/1569628800

Burning Tartan Spartan (~62 keys)

going with 54-62, for a price of 58 on the warhood


This sale is approximately 196 keys.


Sale 2!/compare/1569974400/1570060800!/compare/1569888000/1570147200

Arcana Glasgow Great Helm + Death at Dusk Grenadier's Softcap

Softcap is ~47 keys

Glasgow is ~183 keys

Buyout was 220 keys


Sale 3: Provided by Shuffle Spy!/compare/1571529600/1576108800

235 keys


Going with 195-235 keys