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~197.5 keys
Unusual Salty Dog Scorching Flames
104 votes up
6 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Vijf Kilo Boter (met voetjes).

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Scorching Flames Salty Dog

Fun fact: You can create green-colored fire by sprinkling Copper Sulfate/Boric Acid onto the fire! (Don't try this at home)

Sale 1!/compare/1572048000/1572134400!/compare/1572048000/1572134400

Sold for 151 keys rounding to 150 keys.

Sale 2!/compare/1576454400/1576800000!/compare/1576540800/1576800000


Sale 3!/compare/1571097600/1571184000!/compare/1570665600/1571270400

Sold for 139 keys rounding to 140 keys.

Sale 4!/compare/1574640000/1575936000!/compare/1575763200/1575936000

Sold for SBTWC Modest Metal Pile of Scrap; using there.

Sale 5!/compare/1575936000/1576022400!/compare/1575849600/1576022400

Sold for 150 keys.

Edit: Was a sale for 180 keys: (Steam Trade) and (Key purchase) Thanks to the buyer for confirming!

Sale 6!/compare/1576022400/1576195200!/compare/1568678400/1576540800

Gifted most likely, seeing how it's now giftwrapped.

Sales are at:



180 - 2 young sellers at 239 and 250 keys,

Buyers up to 70 keys.

Going with the full range of 140 - 150 180 keys!