Price Suggestion
Sunbeams Salty Dog
Submitted by Payback
~88 keys
Unusual Salty Dog Sunbeams
216 votes up
14 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Mindacos.

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Sale 1: 111k;5;u17

$200 on 10/25

Sale 2: 120k!/compare/1573171200/1573257600!/compare/1573171200/1573257600

Sale 3: sold to scammer for $300, not using

Sale 4: 121k!/compare/1571529600/1571529600/nearest!/compare/1571356800/1571529600

Sale 5: high!/compare/1573171200/1573257600!/compare/1573084800/1573257600

Beams kiss king + searing law + PE bonk helm + orb fire tricorne

Regardless of what i do here, the kiss king was priced at 123 at the time of this sale happening, and the PE helm is 39. This is going to be especially high considering the law has sales that support 70-80, if not higher. This sale is going to easily be 200+, and with two sellers at 150/160, i'm going to call this an outlier.

      user then gambled it away and qsold it for 75