Price Suggestion
Blizzardy Storm Tank Top
Submitted by Asoroa
~9.25 keys
Unusual Tank Top Blizzardy Storm
54 votes up
38 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Shuffle Spy.

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Ello, this hat needs a price! Letz give it one.

Google doc presentation provided as evidence to shorten post and deliver evidence in a speedy manner.

I'm not a graphic artist so umm ya...

      There is proof of sales in the inventory comparisons. Depicted in the slides.

      In addition I don't think I included a graph anywhere in the slides. Mind pointing out where you saw that?

        you should be linking the comparisons, not screenshotting them

          I did provide dates and links to the users profile whom the trade was conducted with.

          Each name has an embedded hyperlink to that users backpack profile. Feel free to check the dates and what not.

            even so,it is still best to post the links so that others can see it in case you make a mistake.anything can happen

              I will remember to include those in my next suggestion. Thanks for the positive advice.