Price Suggestion
~139 keys
Unusual Mining Light Green Energy
55 votes up
5 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by K1ng.

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$204.16 - duped sale, thanks to Narcifiend for clarifying


Went through Marketplace, $250 = 139 keys




Better used on the Sunbeams El Jefe


Sold for Misty Skull Das Ubersternmann, in-date at 210 keys

Buyout was only 120 keys

and then!/compare/1570665600/1570752000!/compare/1570665600/1570752000

The Mining Light, 50 keys, and a Purple Energy Timeless Topper for Bonzo Hetman's Headpiece (which was in-date [albeit low] at 110 keys)

This was after the sale above.

So he bought it for 200+ (buyout cap 120) and then resold it with stuff for ~110 (had a 200 key buyout at the time though)

Excluding as per moderator suggestion, thank you K1ng


Sold for 115 keys

Buyout was 150 keys

Then it got put back up for 155 keys


Going with 115-140 keys, thank you K1ng