Price Suggestion
~87.5 keys
Unusual Grimm Hatte Morning Glory
75 votes up
7 votes down
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135 key buyout

had for 3 months before selling!/compare/1567900800/1567987200!/compare/1567900800/1567987200

Smoking Soldier's Stash (duped) + 10 keys

Stash updating to ~45 keys

Too low to use here, too high to use there. Excluding.!/compare/1568332800/1568419200!/compare/1568332800/1568419200

70 keys buyout 80 at the time

had for 5 days before selling!/compare/1569628800/1569715200!/compare/1569542400/1569715200

later sold for 100 keys

had for about a month before selling







55 is low because of buyers

buyers currently at 60-62 keys

given how fast it sold, 70 keys seems to be a quicksell, especially since he took 10 keys off his own price for pure.

going with 100-135 keys. Seller at 88 Keys. Unsure of how long it's been there, but if it was up for the duration of this suggestion then that would mean that 135 is high, and 70 is not low after all.

    This'll probably need to be 70-105.