Price Suggestion
~201 keys
Unusual Data Mining Light Spellbound
45 votes up
10 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by K1ng.

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Alot was sacrificed today to make this happen, but I'm glad it did.

PURE IS KING, so I payed 201 of it to do so.

His side:!/compare/NaN/1572480000

My side:!/compare/1572825600/1572912000

Alot show on my side cause I was quickselling alot of the datas durring this time.

Screenies of the full trade:

Going with 201

    so did you pay 200 or 201?


        looks like 201 on the 'his side' compare

        199 keys plus 2 eotl keys

          that is correct

            regardless if it was 199 in pure, it would be rounded to 200 anyway

              mods don't really like rounding pure sales which is why it would matter

     prices are intended to be an item's pure value, so rounding 201 keys to 200 key is like "eh why would you do that" for them

              post says you paid 200 and then 201 so i had to ask

                I corrected the post, thanks :3