Price Suggestion
~139 keys
Unusual Mining Light Green Energy
59 votes up
6 votes down
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    Somehow I forgot to mention it but there’s two in-date sales on Marketplace for this item, there is the $250 sale as mentioned in the suggestion, but also another $204.16 sale (113 keys).

    It would be this item history for the $204.16

    And I don’t know which one would match to the $250 sale.

    Sales now:


    115, sold very fast

    120 (but paid over 200)


    (used on a 200 key buyout item)

    Buyers over 105.

    Not sure where to take the suggestion currently, but I think 115-140 could be possible.

    Links for sale 4 are wrong. Should be these:!/compare/1570233600/1570320000!/compare/1570233600/1570406400

    And this was also added with the Mining:

    Same guy resold for way lower (Bonzo Hetman's), so both sales are outliers. 115-140 should be fine.