Price Suggestion
~89.5 keys
Unusual Western Wear Misty Skull
101 votes up
14 votes down
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    bot selling for 91k, seems fine

    New sales:

    Sold for an Eldritch Opening Murderer's Motif(Outdated at 65 Keys) and 13 Keys!/compare/1572393600/1572998400

    Sold for 67 Keys!/compare/1570838400/1570924800

    Both sales are lower than your current suggestion. You'll need to get a mini for the motif and resuggest accordingly.

      I made a suggestion for the Motif (although, I'm not 100% confident in the range)

      The Motif would be 48, and the Western Wear would be 61 keys.

      However, when I came back to this suggestion finally, two new buyers showed up:

      72 and 75 keys

      They weren't there at the time of the sale.

      The 67 key sale to Rubi is just 2 keys above Rubi's buy order for 65:

      Buyout on the Motif + 13 was 91 keys

      But upon receiving the Motif, Rubi put it back up for 46 keys - Sale 6

      So was Rubi realistically only expecting 46 + 13 keys for the Western Wear?

      They could've sold it to the buy orders at the time for less pain

      What should be done?

        Well this is an odd case. I doubt r+ubi would've intentionally sold for less profit, so maybe there was more involved than we thought?

        Honestly, considering that the buyer from the 91 key sale sold it to r+ubi, who in turn sold it for even less than his buy order(for some reason) is making me lean towards leaving this outdated for now. Him making a buy order at 75 keys right now doesn't help that either, even if his buy order doesn't necesarilly counter the lower sales. I don't think we're going to get an accurate representation for this unless there's a new sale to use, or at least some clarity to his sale.

        While we're talking about the motif by the way, I feel that 46-53 is probably better for it given how close 42 is to buyers, and the number of high sales that you're already excluding needs to be evened out too.

          Thank you for the help here, I've fixed the Eldritch Motif and will close this suggestion.

          I added the buyer of the Western Wear, so maybe I might be able to put this suggestion back up if I can confirm the sale.