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~157 keys
Unusual Napper's Respite Chiroptera Venenata
59 votes up
2 votes down
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$120 = 66

$225 = 126

marketplade buy orders at $100-125 i exclude 66 keyz

    Hey. I'm involved in both those sales, $120 sale was listed originally for $250 and I bought it minutes after they listed at 120 so would probably count as QS anyway.

    I was gonna make this suggestion after sale but since it's duped I though it be "un-fair" to the 3 owners of clean. Is this wrong thinking? Been trying to find a similar suggestion I saw a while ago, but no luck..

    Edit: Also I had a 125k B/O..

      It wouldn’t be unfair to the owners of the clean. It would matter if the suggestion is dropping the price of the item, and there are certain rules that revolve around this. Since this is a new price, there’s no problem with this suggestion.