Price Suggestion
~18.5 keys
Unusual Dread Hiding Hood Orbiting Planets
39 votes up
2 votes down
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Resuggested to fix the range

Orbiting Planets Dread Hiding Hood

Sale 1!/compare/1565049600/1565136000!/compare/1564963200/1565136000


Sale 2!/compare/1565222400/1565395200!/compare/1565395200/1565654400

Untraceable, could only trace 3 keys

Sale 3!/compare/1565654400/1565827200!/compare/1565827200/1565913600

Sold for 18 keys pure + around 2 keys in sweets = 20 keys

Sale 4!/compare/1566432000/1566604800!/compare/1566432000/1566518400

Sold for 21 keys pure

Sale 5!/compare/1566518400/1566604800!/compare/1566432000/1566604800

Sold a Green Energy Head Full of Steam + Cool Professional Killstreak Horror Holiday Jag + negligible cosmetics

Green Energy Mini:

Cool Jag : Does not have a price yet, idk how to make a suggestion on this, the site wont let me, however there is a sale on Marketplace at 25.41 keys.;15;u703;w4;pk239

Excluded, cause the total would be higher than the current sellers.

Sale 6!/compare/1566691200/1567987200!/compare/1567900800/1567987200

Sold for a bunch of random stuff that would be too low

Sale 7!/compare/1567987200/1568073600!/compare/1567987200/1568073600



Suggested pricing at 20 - 21 keys