Price Suggestion
~180 keys
Unusual El Jefe It's A Secret To Everybody
66 votes up
5 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Foamy the Fearsome.

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Sale 1:!/compare/1564876800/1564963200!/compare/1564790400/1564963200

Sold for a clean Cloudy Moon Troublemaker's Tossle Cap (135 keys) + a Isotope Professional Killstreak Night Terror Scattergun (Minimal Wear) (69 keys)

135 + 69 = 204, buyout was 180:

Mini for the Tossle:

Sale 2:!/compare/1565136000/1565222400 - questionmark.

Sale 3:!/compare/1567987200/1568073600!/compare/1567728000/1568073600

Seems like stuff went straight to bots or something, not sure, but around 180 anyway.

Classies: 180 flat.