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~185 keys
Unusual Handyman's Handle Bonzo The All-Gnawing
37 votes up
10 votes down
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countering the 120-180 range, proof below as to why

2 recent sales on this guy

sale 1)

120 pure!/compare/1563667200/1563753600!/compare/1563580800/1563753600 - creds to Earl Clean for the links



reasoning: - buy order at 145 near time of my buy - buy order at 148 - earl declined a 160 pure offer - earl got a 210 offer, guy backed out

and earl clean got many more offers above 120, he can tell you.

edit: i am aware that in-chat offers are not as good as trade offers, and that retracted and fake offers aren't usable, but this should give insight as to why 120 is just unusable here


sale 2)

180 pure!/compare/1568332800/1568419200

taking 180 keys

taking 180


I can confirm I’ve gotten many offers over 120. Either item or pure offers. This item doesn’t deserve to have a range especially since before the few buyers at around 150 appeared, there were buyers at 115.

    already back up for sale at 250 keys

      yes... i listed it at 250

      120 low-end is a joke and reflective of a different time, 180 is a much better price.

        as of today, oddfuture has relisted his buy order because he got more keys, proving his listing was above 120 at the time of sale - 13 days ago!/compare/1568332800/1568419200 - 12 days ago

          20 days ago when i bought it 17 days ago :thinking:

            Left it up to see where the market went. Clear at this point 180 flat is better.