Price Suggestion
~166 keys
Decorated Weapon Pistol Energy Orb Black Dahlia
62 votes up
8 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Foamy the Fearsome.

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small gun

Only sale:

Mistress bought e.orb scatter + e.orb pistol for 893 pure keys + $144.64 paypal!/compare/1568073600/1568160000!/compare/1568073600/1568160000

Agreed on price of 865 pure for the scattergun. The rest was for the pistol.

893 - 865 = 28 keys


Pistol sale was 28 keys + $144.64 on paypal

Key priced agreed @ $1.62 per

144.64 / 1.62 = 89 keys

89 + 28 = 117

Taking 117

    Going to handle this now because this has been open for way too long already.

    This has been left open for so long due to the way the paypal value is used here. Taking 1.62 is not accurate here (its pretty much the low end of what paypal keys would go for, inflating this for no reason). I was hoping to find a consensus on what to use; Marketplace has made the paypal market on keys obsolete and unreliable, and for a long time we havent seen many hats with paypal sales that didn't also have a marketplace listing or were not done by traders that also sold 100s of keys at a value that could be taken.

    This is probably too high because the key conversion rate is too high but since we havent reached a consensus on what to use exactly, Im going to let this one slide.

    Please be aware that this does NOT mean everyone can just make up paypal values, dont quote this suggestion if you want to use paypal sales because the way it is done here is not the way this should be done; this is an exception on account of us being too slow.