Price Suggestion
~62.5 keys
Decorated Weapon Sniper Rifle Energy Orb Night Owl
55 votes up
11 votes down

This suggestion was accepted by Mindacos.

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Still need this one for my collection and missed my chance q.q

Second try. Thanks to human and Kλito for a new sale.;15;u704;w5;pk14;kt-1 - Two recent sales, no marketplace hits on any other killstreak variant.

Sept. 10th

$24 - keys at $1.81 -> 13.26 keys, rounds to holy mother of quicksells!

Sept. 11th

$149.99 - keys at $1.80 -> 83.33 keys, but buyout capped at 75 keys.

Screenshot of listing for buyout -

Another sale happened in between the two marketplace sales. -> Sold for 50 keys.

Item history (currently unupdated) -

Two more of these seem to exist, both Pro KS, but I do not know if they have sales due to lacking premium. I can only confirm that they did not sell on

Now of course, the definition of a 'quicksell' is going to come into question here as all of these sales happened within roughly a day.

Given buyers, the first sale gets dropped. However, given those same buyers I don't see an obvious reason to leave out either of the other sales as outliers, leaving us with a range of 50-75 keys.