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~82.08 keys
Unusual Backwards Ballcap Cauldron Bubbles
212 votes up
97 votes down

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I like Balls

pacllaB sdrawkcaB selbbuB nordluaC

Sellers: -


Sale 1) +;5;u39 - Sold for ~(19) Keys ($35 / $1.83)

Looks like it took a while to sell

The only sale we have is:


Thanks =)

Dear lord, this poor hat

    rip the 7 year old price

      buyer of it for 19 seemed to have sold it for 42~ keys to scrap!/compare/1566691200/1566777600

      What the ballcap listed at $35 for a long while though? Feel like a hat would sell pretty quick at 80% off no matter how outdated it is.

          wow that's a big price drop.

                comments on price suggestions are meant to add or to support the suggestion by showing proof. its not used for asking for likes this isnt youtube comments.

                how did i miss this?i literally read it as '119 keys'.not this...

                oh well,i would rather wait for more sales unless there isnt