Price Suggestion
~33.5 keys
Unusual Napoleon Complex Burning Flames
454 votes up
105 votes down
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    That Tree needs a Mini. It's Duped. Surs countered with one.

        Yikes, next level English

          And you are a marked scammer which makes it even better

            So tell me why its considered a "quicksell"?

                quicksell is an item that is sold for 25% or more from his original price for pure or an item/items that can be sold easily for pure.

                trying to lower an item value just because you want some points is pretty annoying and unnecessary.

                  Quicksells arent defined by discount percentagrs, rather they are defined by the time it takes to sell, 99% of the time its pure, rather this is not a quicksell

                    seller at 44 supports the drop

                if its duped this price is reasonable but non duped should be higher end of what i have to say