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~950 keys
Unusual Modest Metal Pile of Scrap Something Burning This Way Comes
44 votes up
3 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by K1ng.

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    New sale!/compare/1566172800/1566259200 No mini on gibus. Seems higher than suggested price here though regardless.

      If the gibus has no mini, im not all that comfortable including the sale. even being a minority part of it; using an outdated price thats 40something % of the total value isnt exactly the most representative.

      since the eldritch sale is low, this too could likely be excluded and consider it one high / one low excluded for a closer range

      suppose we'll see what mods think though

        I see. The gibus is a huge part and I know it can't be used to price the modest since it has no mini. Though the items added to the gibus add up to about this suggested price which does show that it is overall higher. To be honest I would have used the 150 pure sale to update the cannonball since my purchase of that cannonball was for significantly lower than sk8rboi's 180 key purchase. Not too sure though since I know you have much more experience with suggestions.

          I understand the reasoning there, and frankly it was a tossup. but given the cannon was already accepted im inclined to think the 180 sale there was sufficient

          also, the bird cage in your sale has no mini too. frankly i dont think theres any way that the sale can be used. but at the very least it confirmed the smokey as low (and to some extent the smokey confirms the gibus + adds is too high?) kind of annoying there are literally no b/o caps to use here...

          thanks for reporting the sale though :)

            Thanks for the two cents. Some price suggestions like these boggle my mind. Curious to see how this will work out.

          I purchased the Bolted BirdCage off the Community Market for $127.45

            gibus seller is a known scammer, more than likely that cant be used for a mini

            birdcage is likely low, its within 5 of buyers (roughly)

            again, waiting on mods for this, thanks for reporting :)

        Let's see: Eldritch Sombrero sale should be below the low-end here:

        Sold with unusual RL for T-Watt Hoodie ----- Hoodie is outdated, better used there.!/compare/1564185600/1564272000!/compare/1564185600/1564272000

        Sold with outdated stuff for a Bonzo Bicorne (200) ----- Expect this to be somewhere around 120!/compare/1565568000/1565740800!/compare/1565654400/1565740800

        Frostbite Specs (no mini)!/compare/1565740800/1565827200!/compare/1565740800/1565827200

        Bunch of stuff that should be above 170 (rough guess)!/compare/1566000000/1566172800!/compare/1566086400/1566172800

        So the Sombrero won't be that far away from current price (extremely rough guess, though). With that in mind, the Modest sale will be under 80 using buyers for the taunt.

        Now, regarding the new Modest sale it should end up at around 210 (using the SCM sales posted above as minis). So we have sales at <80, 110, 151, 210. Not opposed to 110-151, but gonna ask other mods.