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~240 keys
Unusual Universal Translator Nebula
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61 votes down
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Sold for 300+ in unusuals

Then he dumped it a week later on marketplace for $325

After that, it took two months to sell where it eventually sold for $369.99 / 1.80 = 206 keys;5;u99;strange

Even the prices of the dump and final sale aren’t too far off, supports the price drop.

5+ months on Marketplace for ~275 keys

    For reference, the Gibus has no good mini.

      why ignoring the 300 keys ? this is the only sale that is not from cashout isn't it ?

      Captain Booty Cat paid really more than this in cash.. feel free to ask him

      also, how do you know that it was listed at the same price all the time ? this logic is weird, sellers usualy change their prices, the fact that is on marketplace bot for a certain time doesn't prevent the seller to change the price ?

          so you are saying that a quicksell invalidate normal sale ? doesn't make any sens. of course you are ignoring it lol, where is the 300 keys ? you suggest it for 206. at least make a range.

          and again, Catpain booty paid more than that in cash + keys , if you dont know or are lazy to search or ask , just dont suggest, dont base a suggestion on your own supposition.

          how do you know that it was listed at the same price all the time ? can you answer to this ? i'm not stupid, im talking about this logic.

      you dont know ? i have simply asked the buyer, wasn't that hard

      he bought for 400$ paypal + keys

      the seller confirming that as well , i ll upload a screenshot if i can get one

        $400 / 1.70-1.75 = 231+9 keys = 240 keys

          wondering why this suggest isn't closed already

            If you can get a screenshot of the paypal transaction then I suppose Im not opposed to 205-240, assuming the conversion is correct

              yeah i'm trying, its not in my hands but at least i did some researches, seller and buyers are confirming

          Hey, Im the buyer of the Universal, I bought it for 400 USD + 9 keys pure. Hope that helps in any way