Price Suggestion
~170 keys
Unusual Tyrant's Helm Roboactive
68 votes up
7 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by K1ng.

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Team 👏 2 👏 Suggestion #8

Sale 1) Sold for a Burning Flames Greased Lightning + Morning Glory Front Runner (80 Keys) + Cloud 9 Dark Falkirk Helm (32 Keys)!/compare/1555200000/1555286400 - The buyout was 240 Keys

Greased Mini - Long Unsolds at 210 Keys, Buyers at 90 Keys. 210 is still lower than current.

This only needs to be 128 Keys or higher to cap at the buyout.

Falkirk Mini - 32 Keys

Sale 2) Bulk sale for an Arcana Troublemaker's Tossle Cap!/compare/1559433600/1559520000

Sale 3) Sold for 170 Keys!/compare/1562284800/1562371200

Excluding 240 since it goes outdated in 2 days and the Greased mini is iffy.