Price Suggestion
Stormy Storm Metal Slug
Submitted by Moose
~13 keys
Unusual Metal Slug Stormy Storm
67 votes up
9 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by K1ng.

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Resuggesting without the old trade in the range

Classifieds- no sellers, 3x buyers at 9k

Sales (below) at 13/14

Giving price of 13


Sale 1) Sold for an Omniscient Orb Vampire Vanquisher + 1k ----> 13k!/compare/1557792000/1557878400!/compare/1557792000/1557878400

Mini Omniscient Orb Vampire Vanquisher ( - 12k

Sale 2) untrace!/compare/1557878400/1557964800!/compare/1557878400/1558224000

--Older sale, providing as extra proof

Sold with 5k for a Purple Confetti Towering Pillar of Hats (19k) ----> 14k!/compare/1554681600/1554768000