Price Suggestion
Roboactive Samur-Eye
Submitted by Dusk Shadow
~140 keys
Unusual Samur-Eye Roboactive
57 votes up
1 vote down
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Thanks, Apollo, for informing me.

Thanks, Torb, for checking over my work.

Second sale:!/compare/1560297600/1560384000

Traded for a BF Industrial Festivizer and Eldritch Opening Elf Esteem.

Elf esteem has no usable mini.

(!/compare/1557100800/1557187200 quicksell, likely a buy order!/compare/1557360000/1557446400 4 days to sell for 65 keys. Another quicksell)

Ignoring sale as invalid.

    Closing to resuggest. Mini usable on Elf.