Price Suggestion
Haunted Ghosts Shellmet
Submitted by Payback
~38.5 keys
Unusual Shellmet Haunted Ghosts
54 votes up
4 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by polar.

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God, what a mess. Explaining range below

Sale 1: bulk!/compare/1559952000/1560038400!/compare/1559865600/1559952000

Sale 2: 45k!/compare/1554595200/1554768000!/compare/1554595200/1554681600

gbh sola topi + 4.5k (41.5)

Sale 3: 51k;5;u8

$92??? on 5/4

Sale 4: 46k!/compare/1553817600/1553904000!/compare/1553817600/1553904000

Sale 5:!/compare/1554508800/1554595200!/compare/1554508800/1554595200

Flies crone - 7k in festivizers

Sale 6: Untrace!/compare/1555632000/1555718400!/compare/1555545600/1555632000

Sale 7: 38k!/compare/1555632000/1555718400!/compare/1555632000/1555718400

46k (proks aussie rl) - 8k items

Sale 8: likely qs!/compare/1555804800/1555891200!/compare/1555804800/1555891200

Sale 9: 32k!/compare/1556064000/1556150400!/compare/1555632000/1556150400

Sale 10: no other sales on the nuke!/compare/1556496000/1556582400!/compare/1556496000/1556582400

Sale 4 flipped around and sold to buyer of sale 5 for much much less, likely around 30k or so

excluding both 4 and 5 based on that

Sale 3 a fairly clear outlier, three sellers below that

Taking 32-45 here, wide range but feels it encompasses most sales without being too high with sellers involved.