Price Suggestion
~19 keys
Unusual Pom-Pommed Provocateur Overclocked
7 votes up
29 votes down
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This suggestion was marked as no evidence and closed by A Delicious Cashew™.

No evidence was supplied in this price suggestion, therefore it has been closed. Please read up on how to create a suggestion before creating a new suggestion.

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I think it should be 25-30 because its a 1/1, I own the current one and am willing to change the price to a reasonable one. Plus if another one is unboxed we are able to actually gain profit, and as because its a very rare and not common at all effect, i think it should at least be worth trying to unbox for.

It has been sold for 20-30 keys in the past, but i cant find the user who traded it off.

(Looking for the sales while i speak)

    you can't bump up an item's price without sales. your last statement means nothing if you can't prove it.

    the thing has pretty much only gone to and from scrap in the last 3 months, which supports a drop in price if anything...

      its a disgusting effect on a bad hat.therefore it should go down to 10 keys

      see that logic?this is why you need to read the rules and provide evidence of the proposed item

        Please don't insult a hat or effect in suggestion's comments. Doesn't look good in general.

        Also, jarool has pointed out his mistakes, no clue why ppl are stilling saying the same thing.

        Edit: Please read the rules -

        and jarool's comment. Please close this suggestion before a price mod, thanks for your time.

        It's so nice that we have people like you who are 'willing' to make the sacrifice of making their hats more expensive. We really do need more people like this. -_-

            Pls just close it. you need sales

            Woah, is just cancer in general.

            Toxic, aint even a nice place at all. Thats just every ****ing game now.

              Ain't gonna help u rise ur own unusual's price. And thats what happens when you dont listen to good advises.

              Again, please close this suggestion.

              ****ing community now. Terrible.