Price Suggestion
~103 keys
13th hour
Unusual Gentleman's Ushanka Stormy 13th Hour
54 votes up
3 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Erik.

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mplc sale

May 25 - 186.6$



Taking 103 flat, feel free to comment suggestions.


    Your link is to Stormy 13th Hour Officer's Ushanka but still has managed to get 42 votes and not a single comment.. ༼༼{⚆¸⚆}༽༽

    Here's Gentleman's:;5;u47

    Should add Item-History as well when dropping, to show its not duped Nvm, it doesn't have any duped!!/compare/1558656000/1558742400

      Don't know how I managed to fail that hard with the link. 👀

      Thanks a lot for your help! :D

        I blind upvote everything this man does